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Save Blackswarth Road Woodland!

By louisev
25th August 2023

One of Bristol’s largest remaining woodland habitats is under threat from developers. It is currently up for sale as site of “potential residential interest”. Blackswarth Road woodland or Crews Hole next to Troopers Hill is in danger of being torn down to make way for development.

We cannot let such an important nature site in the heart of Bristol disappear. The environmental charity Protect Earth is currently crowdfunding money to buy this woodland to protect it from development. Their aim is not only to protect the woodland but also help the area reach its potential for biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Wildlife spots such as these are so important to maintain in a city like Bristol. Not only do they protect against the harm of air pollution but also provide communities with space to be one with nature.

The woodland not only houses natural wonders it is also a door to Bristol’s history. The site contains the old garden and bath house (now Grade 2 listed) for the a glass bottle factory and fireclay mines from the old Bristol fireclay factory. A glimpse of the industry that once dominated East Bristol.

Since the site has had no public access for decades it nature has taken over. Bluebells carpet the woodland in April, a sign that the woodlands are old and full of mycelium networks. It could be a great haven for wildlife in the city but unfortunately the lack of management has also led to fly tipping and rubbish build up. Part of the funds collected from the crowdfunding campaign will be put into managing the woodland further, encouraging wildlife to make its home there and preventing further damage to the environment.

To support Protect Earth and find out more about this important site please visit the crowdfunding page at