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Our Starry Skies Campaign

Sophie Spencer
By Sophie Spencer
25th January 2021

Our Starry Skies campaign will run from 25th January – 22nd February with the aim to educate people about the impacts of light pollution on wildlife and personal wellbeing.

Starry skies are one of the most magical sights that nature can offer and all of us at CPRE Avon and Bristol really want to highlight this by educating people about the impacts of light pollution on wildlife and personal wellbeing in our Starry Skies campaign which will run from 25th January – 22nd February.

Light pollution not only limits our views of these skies, but also disrupts wildlife’s natural patterns. We want to reclaim our dark skies.

As part of our campaign we will be incorporating the annual Star Count event. Star Count is CPRE’s national project to map light pollution. Looking up into a star filled sky can improve our sense of wellbeing, connecting us to nature, but our research shows that light pollution is leaving fewer stars than ever visible to the naked eye, and we need your help to track how light levels are changing. We will be asking you to choose a clear night between 6-14 February 2021 and look to the skies to see how many stars you can spot within the Orion constellation. Anyone can take part in Star Count from their own home, whether from your garden, balcony or window. It’s a perfect lockdown activity!

Take part

By taking part you’ll help us build a nationwide picture of our view of the stars, so we can see where light pollution is affecting our view of the night sky. Sign up and get our free Star Count family activity pack below to get started.

Free Star Count family activity pack

Let's get star counting


Free workshops

Do you and your family want to learn more about the night’s sky? We have teamed up with the amazing Jo at Space Detectives to bring you an exciting programme of free events which will take place throughout Star Count (6-14 February). The free workshops are for all the family with lots of things to learn about the night sky from star constellations to myths and legends. There are 4 online events for children and families (suitable for KS1/KS2) and 4 for adults and older children. Workshops for children are limited to 35 spaces, so book your space today.

View free workshops

We will also be offering lots of free activities and downloads which you can enjoy as a family. Just follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest Starry Skies information.


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