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Notice of amendment to Constitution

Sophie Spencer
By Sophie Spencer
27th January 2020

Notice is hereby given, under Clause 14 of the Constitution adopted on 17 July 1999, of the intention to replace that Constitution with a new one effective from adoption at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 27 February 2020.

As required by Clause 14:
(1) notice in writing was provided to the Hon. Sec. by virtue of the minutes of the Executive Committee dated 7 October 2019.
(2) the approval of CPRE’s national executive committee was secured by virtue of their letter of confirmation dated 7 January 2020.

The main reasons for the adoption of a new Constitution are:
(1) to update the charity’s governance arrangements in line with the models of best practice recommended by the Charities Commission and by National CPRE.
(2) to enable and empower the trustees to conduct business by means not generally recognised or authorised at the time of adoption of the current constitution (electronic communication, internet banking, online activities etc).

As part of the new Constitution it is proposed that the name of the Branch be changed to “CPRE Avon and Bristol”.

A two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote at the AGM is required in order to adopt the new constitution.

You can download a full copy of the constitution here

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