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Why new planning reforms won’t mean better places to live

Sophie Spencer
By Sophie Spencer
21st October 2020

As a charity that cares deeply about the countryside and green spaces in and around Bristol and Bath, we are deeply concerned about what is to come out of proposed planning reforms.

As it stands, local people will have a say about whether their areas will become ‘Growth’, ‘Renewal’ or ‘Protected’ zones. But they will then have no say on the individual developments that take place in those zones, as they do in the current system. This effectively halves participation in the planning process. We also believe that delivery of affordable homes will be made more difficult rather than easier.

At CPRE Avon and Bristol, we believe that a fit-for-purpose planning system is an essential part of how we create great communities and a healthy environment. If we have the ability to plan the right developments in the right places, this will also help bring social equity and economic growth, as well as meeting our climate and ecological ambitions.

We urge you to read our briefing, and if you feel strongly about this do send it to your local Councillors so that they are fully aware that the reforms that are being put forward will fail to deliver a better planning system. We need to make the case for a planning system that puts local people at its heart.

Download the CPRE Avon and Bristol briefing paper on Planning White Paper strategic issues

Housing development
David Clark / Housing development / CC BY-SA 2.0