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The Volunteers transforming South Gloucestershire’s hedgerows

By soniap
8th November 2022

With the weather turning colder and the leaves starting to fall, it’s the time of year where hedgerow conservation work begins.

Our Hedgerow Hero volunteers are out every week, improving hedgerows around South Gloucestershire.

Hedgelaying at Pomphrey Hill

Learning the ancient skill of hedgelaying is a vital part of helping to rejuvenate hedgerows. Expert Somerset hedgelayer Mike Reed has been teaching our volunteers the craft, which involves cutting and bending the stem near the base to encourage dense regrowth.

Hedgelaying at Pomphrey Hill
Coppicing at Warmley Forest Park

Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management, which involves cutting the stems of a tree down to the base. Whilst it can look dramatic to begin with, these stems will regrow with many new shoots, creating a thicker hedge. Similar to hedgelaying, coppicing extends the life of the hedge by preventing the trees maturing and becoming too tall.

South Gloucestershire grounds team getting stuck into hedgelaying
Pickle the dog supervising


Hedgelaying at Yate Common

We are running this project in partnership with South Gloucestershire District Council. We are working closely with them to help improve the current methods of management for their hedgerows.

Posted November 2022.