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My Space in Nature

By Sophie Spencer
21st October 2020

As part of our Regenerate campaign we have been meeting up with individuals across Avon and Bristol to find out a little about places in the countryside that were important to them during the lockdown period. The countryside regenerates us both physically and mentally, and for a long time it was the only place we were able to spend time other than in our homes.


It has been really interesting to learn about where people go to regenerate their bodies and minds, whilst also learning to appreciate the countryside on their doorstep more. Here are a few of the photographs we have taken so far:

“I trained as an accountant, but I have always had a passion for sustainability and nature. When I moved here and discovered Somerset Community Farm on my doorstep I immediately knew it was my space in nature. I love the food production area, particularly when things spring out of the ground and ripen – it is like magic!”

“It has been really important to me to get out into the countryside to grow food during the lockdown period. To feel that you can contribute something good in a time of global crisis gives you something really positive to focus on. This is my space in nature.”

“This was taken at the Downs in Bristol. At a time when being in a busy place can be daunting and scary a place like the downs is a god send. Wandering through big open spaces gives us a sense of freedom during a time where everything has restrictions. Rural spaces are so important for mental health. A chance to escape from day to day life.”


Quernmore landscape