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Big changes to the planning system ahead?

28th September 2020

The Government have set out their ambitions for reforming the planning system, and these are the biggest changes that have been proposed since planning as we know it was set up in 1947.

Of course, much has changed since then, and we need a planning system that is fit for purpose. CPRE has campaigned for many years for positive changes to the planning system. A number of the Planning White Paper’s key broad objectives do closely mirror what CPRE has for years been arguing for, but the actual proposals all to often look likely to achieve the opposite effect, placing our countryside in even greater danger.

We are working constructively with the Ministers and MPs to set out why we believe the proposals put forward will not achieve the aims that the Government say they want. This week all 41 of CPRE’s local groups had the opportunity to meet senior politician, Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick, to discuss concerns about planning reforms, and what they might mean for the countryside. I’m pictured here asking a question at the meeting.

We’ve also written to all our local MPs to let them know our concerns. You can see:

Our letter sent to all local MPs

Briefing on the Planning White Paper

SoS virtual discussion with Sophie Spencer